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Muay Thai

Recreational Athlete Training:

Most people come to Pursue Martial Arts seeking a better way to workout and relieve stress. Thai Boxing is the perfect combination of fun and fitness. Our Recreational Training is for people who don't want to spar or get hit (or maybe don't think they are ready for that right away). You'll learn fun kickboxing techniques while getting a great workout by hitting pads and punching bags! 

WHAT YOU NEED: boxing gloves (non vinyl), thai shorts and a Team Top. (available in our proshop)



Competitive Athlete Training:

This program is for people who want to spar in a safe and encouraging environment. Our expert coaches have trained international competitors to be successful in Thailand, Curacao, Europe, Canada, USA and Brazil. Not interested in competition? No problem, most of our members aren't fighters, but still enjoy the traditional training of Muay Thai.

WHAT YOU NEED: Thai Style sparring gear- head gear, shin guards, 16oz gloves, mouthguard, steel cup for males. (available in our proshop)



2 Private Lessons + free t-shirt/ hand wraps        

Just $29.99 (reg 34.95)



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more than a team, family

Walsh Family

the Walsh

"My boys are blessed to have found a sport they truly love. And we are so lucky and endlessly grateful to have found a great school and the best coaches around."

Dr Ariel

Dr. Ariel

"As a woman I wanted to learn self defense, and Jiu-Jitsu seemed to be very practical. It's also a great workout, unlike anything I've done before. The weight gym doesn't compare at all."

Swantek Family

the Swantek

"Thank you coaches for pushing me to be better. When I look around during class and see everyone working to better themselves. It truly inspires me!"

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